Covid-19 Test at Home & Home Isolation Care Madurai

It is been a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but still, not many Indians were being tested for the disease. This is because of the shortage of diagnosing kits and labs. Even though the government stocked a lot of testing kits after the first wave, the test kits are supplied to nearby states where there is a huge spike in cases. As of now, the second wave is spreading rapidly, when a person feels the COVID-19 symptoms they are scared to get tested, and also the labs are overflowing. So how easy can one take a COVID…

BUY PPE Kit Online

The outbreak of COVID-19 had caused a major manufacturing revolution of medical PPE kits in India. PPE kits are personal protection equipment that is designed for Doctors, general health workers, and people who come in contact with other people like bank employees, etc…

How does a PPE kit work?

These PPE kits work in a way by covering all parts of your body and protect you by preventing the entry of the virus. PPE kit manufacturers in India concentrate on variable GSM, thickness, and material used in PPE kits. This makes you too easily select a PPE kit considering your…

To study the possibility of high-quality maternal health care in the remote villages of Wayanad District, Kerala, India through technology (IoT devices and telemedicine software) in partnership with Amrita Serve, the Olivewear team visited the remote tribal regions of Wayanad District in the first week of August 2017.

We reached Wayanad on an overnight bus journey from Bangalore covering 283 km. We got down at Mananthavady at 4 am and walked to the Amrita Ashram. After receiving warm greetings from the team at the Ashram, at 9 am, we started to Vellarumkunnu village in a jeep.

We traveled to the…


With an aim to provide high-quality maternal health care in the remote villages of Tamilnadu through technology (IoT devices and telemedicine software), Olivewear made an initial visit to Vembu, to study the possibilities of Project SaveMom in the surrounding villages of Vilathikulam Taluk.

Visit to VEMBU, Vilathikulam

We reached Vilathikulam and met the Assistant Director of VEMBU. VEMBU is a well-known Socio-Cultural Empowerment NGO which is serving around 67 villages of the socio-economic backward regions of Tuticorin District. We met Fr. Anto Varghese SDB, the Assistant Director of VEMBU and their Head Staff Mr. Jeyaseelan. They gave us a brief…

Olivewear wins Elevate 100 Award

Olivewear has won the prestigious Elevate 100 Award, an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology of the Government of Karnataka. We are among the 111 start-ups that have been shortlisted by the Elevate team.

The award makes Olivewear eligible for mentoring, legal support and software assistance, and a grant of up to 50 lakhs. We were selected from 1,700 applications, after two rounds of screening. Other than the regular benefits of any funding grant helps us access special benefits like cloud credits from Google and Amazon, PWC mentoring and consulting services, Yes Bank banking services, and API with integration and customized solutions. The grant also promises tax and other benefits from the government.

As a team, we believe that the award validates our innovation in the healthcare sector and encourages us in our ambitious plan to eradicate preventable maternity deaths in India.

PPE Kit Manufacturers in India

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prevents transmission of the Coronavirus not only in treatment centers but also in various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management and safe burials, and community care related to the outbreak.

PPE Refers to safety equipment such as coveralls, goggles, gloves, shoe covers, etc. Workers use PPE to ensure safety at work. It addresses hazards including physical, chemical, biohazards. For instance, it is safe to deal with dangerous chemicals when you are fully equipped with suitable PPE.

Jiovio focusing more on skin protection. Where skin injuries, infections are some of the skin-related occupational diseases. …

AEA 2017

The steering committee of Asian Entrepreneurship Award (2017), a prestigious global startup funding event, co-hosted by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Division of University Corporate Relations — The University of Tokyo, TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association (TEP), and The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs (JASVE), has shortlisted Olivewear as one of its finalists, who would compete with its Asian Top Tech Startups.

We are proud to say that Olivewear is one of the two Indian startups that have been shortlisted for the event and has merited the invitation to attend the ‘Innovation Leaders Submit (ILS)’ in Japan. …


SaveMom a rural healthcare programme innovated by JioVio Healthcare has incorporated WHO recommendations on antenatal care (ANC) for a positive pregnancy experience in its services during the First 1000 days after a detailed study and counsel from senior medical officers. With the urgent need to eradicate pregnancy-related preventable morbidity and mortality, in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) era, WHO released a guideline on routine ANC for pregnant women and adolescent girls.

The document presents 49 recommendations related to five types of interventions:

  1. Nutritional Interventions

2. Maternal and Fetal Assessments

3. Preventive Measures

4. Interventions for Common Physiological Symptoms

5. Health…

SaveMom & Amrita SeRVe on Mission to Assist Pregnant Mothers

SaveMom, with a vision to eradicate preventable maternal mortality and morbidity with timely and appropriate care, has signed an agreement with Amrita SeRVe to improve maternal and newborn’s health during the First 1000 days in 100 villages adopted by the NGO. The team began its work at Vaalarammkunnu which is surrounded by little habitats of Paniya tribal community in the month of August. We have identified 7 pregnant women in this locality who would need our help in their pregnancy journey. While the first visit happened in the second week of August, we visited these women again between 18–19 September…

Free Diabetic Home Check-up — Jiovio Healthcare

Introduction to Diabetic Campaign

We at JioVio Healthcare have received stats at this covid season which shocked us. Many patients suffered from various causes which gave them a difficult time of their lives to visit hospitals directly!

Among many causes received, we came to know the numbers are higher with Diabetic patients who suffered like never before.

This was the moment we decided to jump in and make a comfortable zone for all diabetic patients in and around Madurai city by giving them a proper solution.

Why JioVio Hosts this campaign

Being a leading healthcare start-up from Madurai we JioVio have a huge responsibility to…

Jiovio Healthcare

We are Singapore based MED tech international company focused on providing PPE Kit and positive pregnancy with innovation in healthcare technology.

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