SaveMom incorporates WHO’s recommendations on Antenatal Care in its HealthCare Services during the First 1000 days

SaveMom a rural healthcare programme innovated by JioVio Healthcare has incorporated WHO recommendations on antenatal care (ANC) for a positive pregnancy experience in its services during the First 1000 days after a detailed study and counsel from senior medical officers. With the urgent need to eradicate pregnancy-related preventable morbidity and mortality, in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) era, WHO released a guideline on routine ANC for pregnant women and adolescent girls.

The document presents 49 recommendations related to five types of interventions:

  1. Nutritional Interventions

2. Maternal and Fetal Assessments

3. Preventive Measures

4. Interventions for Common Physiological Symptoms

5. Health System Interventions to Improve Utilisation and Quality of ANC

WHO claims that ensuring a minimum of 8 antenatal visits, beginning from the first trimester until delivery, would greatly reduce perinatal deaths and increase the possibility of a positive pregnancy experience across the globe.

Project SaveMom has incorporated WHO recommendations in its maternal healthcare process as the foundation for its ANC services in the villages. The recommendations are viewed as both standards, to understand and observe the pregnancy journey, and as metrics to evaluate the pregnancy journey of mothers under our care. SaveMom has restructured its digital and personal medical ecosystem based on these recommendations and has vowed to educate all its stakeholders about the same. Once we adopt a village, we seek to understand the pregnancy journey of the village on the background of WHO recommendations, intervene founded on them, and evaluate the impact of our interventions based on those metrics. It would not be an exaggeration if we state that WHO’s recommendations ANC has become the backbone of ‘Project SaveMom’.



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