Covid -19 RT-PCR Test at Home & Home Isolation Care in Madurai

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3 min readMay 15, 2021


Covid-19 Test at Home & Home Isolation Care Madurai

It is been a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but still, not many Indians were being tested for the disease. This is because of the shortage of diagnosing kits and labs. Even though the government stocked a lot of testing kits after the first wave, the test kits are supplied to nearby states where there is a huge spike in cases. As of now, the second wave is spreading rapidly, when a person feels the COVID-19 symptoms they are scared to get tested, and also the labs are overflowing. So how easy can one take a COVID test at home?, If you are looking to get an RT-PCR test at home in Madurai then you can diagnose from being in the comfort of your home.

When to take a COVID test?

When you start to feel common symptoms like fever, headache, and body pain, immediately isolate yourself from your family and loved ones. If somebody can take care of you, then you can follow a healthy diet with needed medications. If you are scared of being a super spreader to your loved ones or family then there are many home isolation care and home quarantine services who can look you after in your home.

So when you started to feel symptoms and started taking medications and being isolated, and still you are not recovered in 2 days then you should consider testing yourself. Testing as early as possible can reduce the risks.

How do Corona virus Home Test works?

1. Book Appointment via (Call/Whatsapp/web portal)

2. Our Health workers will reach your doorsteps

3. Test results will be processed in ICMR approved Lab

4. Test results will be received as WhatsApp.

What to do when you are positive?

If your test results are positive then do not panic. COVID-19 is a curable disease for most people. All you need is a better diet and proper rest. Isolating yourself and following a day plan will keep you motivated. There are a lot of PPE kit manufacturers in India from which you can buy a PPE kit for the ones who are taking care of you.

You can also consider buying a PPE kit online by looking at the reviews and safety guidelines. You can watch a movie once in two days, read a book, meditate, and you can practice breathing exercises. Your diet should include all the food items mentioned below.

Foods to consume

1. kabassoora drink

2. Boiled egg

3. Including turmeric and ginger in food

4. Vitamin C rich foods

5. Zinc-rich foods

6. Apple

7. Lemon juice

8. Nuts

Hot water steaming has given better results for COVID-19 patients. You can steam by adding turmeric and neem to the hot water. It helps in reducing the spread of the virus.


After a week of home isolation, you should take a retest and make sure you are tested negative before communicating with other people. Even though you are tested negative always wear the mask and follow social distancing so that it will help to break the COVID chain.

To Conclude

Manindra Agarwal of IIT Kharagpur, who is known for pioneering the ‘Super Model’ project to combat the spread of the virus, has predicted that the Second Wave will experience a steep drop after April. Taking solace in the low death rates, however, is not the way to go, and we should all adhere to the COVID rules whenever we venture out.



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